Are Blogspot Backlinks Trustable, and Will They Help in My Website SEO in 2024?

Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your website. They are one of the most important factors for ranking your website on Google and other search engines. Backlinks can help you increase your website’s authority, traffic, and relevance.

But not all backlinks are created equal. Some backlinks are more valuable than others, depending on the source, quality, and relevance of the link. Some backlinks can even harm your website’s SEO if they are from low-quality or spammy websites.

One of the most common sources of backlinks is Blogspot, a free blogging platform owned by Google. Blogspot allows anyone to create a blog and publish content on various topics. Many bloggers use Blogspot to share their opinions, insights, and experiences with their audience.

But are Blogspot backlinks trustable, and will they help in your website SEO in 2024? The answer is: it depends.

The Pros and Cons of Blogspot Backlinks

Blogspot backlinks have some advantages and disadvantages for your website SEO. Here are some of them:


  1. Blogspot backlinks are easy to get – You can create a Blogspot blog in minutes and start publishing content with links to your website. You can also comment on other Blogspot blogs and leave your website link there.
  2. These backlinks are free – You don’t have to pay anything to get Blogspot backlinks. You only need to invest your time and effort to create quality content and engage with other bloggers.
  3. Blogspot’s backlinks are from Google –  Blogspot is owned by Google, so it is likely that Google trusts Blogspot backlinks more than other sources. Google may also give more weight to Blogspot backlinks in its ranking algorithm.


  1. Blogspot backlinks are not very authoritative – Blogspot is a free platform that anyone can use, so the quality and credibility of the blogs vary widely. Some Blogspot blogs may have high-quality content and a loyal audience, while others may have low-quality content and no audience at all. Google may not consider Blogspot backlinks as authoritative as backlinks from other reputable websites.
  2. Blogspot backlinks are not very relevant – Blogspot blogs cover a wide range of topics, so the relevance of the backlinks to your website may not be very high. Google may not consider Blogspot backlinks as relevant as backlinks from other websites in your niche or industry.
  3. Blogspot backlinks are not very diverse – Blogspot backlinks are all from the same domain, so they may not provide enough diversity for your backlink profile. Google may not consider Blogspot backlinks as diverse as backlinks from other domains.

How to Use Blogspot Backlinks Effectively for Your Website SEO?

Blogspot backlinks are not bad, but they are not great either. They can help you boost your website SEO, but they are not enough to rank your website on the first page of Google. You need to use Blogspot backlinks strategically and supplement them with other types of backlinks.

Here are some tips on how to use Blogspot backlinks effectively for your website SEO,

  1. Create quality content on your Blogspot blog – Don’t just create a Blogspot blog and spam it with links to your website. Create quality content that provides value to your readers and showcases your expertise. Make sure your content is relevant to your website and your niche. Use keywords, images, videos, and other elements to make your content engaging and informative.
  2. Build relationships with other Blogspot bloggers – Don’t just comment on other Blogspot blogs and leave your website link there. Engage with other Blogspot bloggers and build genuine relationships with them. Read their content, leave meaningful comments, share their posts, and follow them. This way, you can increase your visibility, credibility, and trust among the Blogspot community. You can also ask them to link back to your website or guest post on their blog.
  3. Use TheYTLab to get Blogspot backlinks – TheYTLab is a YouTube panel and also provides backlink services to the bloggers who are looking to increase their followers, subscribers, and website ranking on Google. One of the best things about TheYTLab is that a blog post including a Blogspot costs only $0.8. TheYTLab has a network of Blogspot blogs that can link back to your website with relevant and quality content. You can choose the niche, keyword, and anchor text of your backlink and get it delivered within 24 hours. TheYTLab can help you get Blogspot backlinks quickly and easily without compromising the quality and relevance of your backlink profile.

Tips to Rank Blogs in Google 2024

As you all know, Google is constantly updating its algorithm to provide the best user experience and the most relevant results. If you want to rank your blogs in Google 2024, you need to follow the latest SEO standards and best practices. Here are some of the tips,

  1. Focus on user intent – Google is becoming more sophisticated in understanding the intent behind the user’s query. You need to create content that matches the user’s intent and provides the best answer to their question. Use keyword research tools to find out what your target audience is searching for and what kind of content they expect to see.
  2. Optimize for mobile – Google is moving towards a mobile-first index, which means that it will use the mobile version of your website as the primary source for ranking. You have to make sure that your website is responsive, fast, and user-friendly on mobile devices. Use tools like Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and Page Speed Insights to check and improve your mobile performance.
  3. Use structured data – Structured data is a way of providing additional information to Google about your content, such as the type, topic, author, rating, etc. Structured data can help Google understand your content better and display it in rich snippets, such as featured snippets, knowledge panels, carousels, etc. Structured data can also help you rank for voice search, which is becoming more popular in 2024. Use tools like Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool and to implement and validate your structured data.
  4. Create high-quality content – Content is still king in 2024, and Google is looking for content that is original, relevant, useful, and engaging. You need to create content that provides value to your readers and solves their problems. You also need to update your content regularly and keep it fresh and accurate. Use tools like Google Analytics and Search Console to measure and improve your content performance.
  5. Build authority and trust – Google is looking for websites that are authoritative and trustworthy in their niche or industry. You must build your reputation and credibility by providing high-quality content, earning backlinks from other reputable websites, getting positive reviews and ratings, and following Google’s guidelines and policies. Use tools like Google’s E-A-T guidelines, Moz’s Domain Authority, and Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker to assess and improve your authority and trust.


Blogspot backlinks are trustable and can help in your website SEO in 2024, but they are not enough to rank your website at the top of Google! You need to follow the Google algorithm to rank on Google’s first page. You need to use Blogspot backlinks wisely and combine them with other types of backlinks to create a balanced and diversified backlink profile. Furthermore, you can use TheYTLab to get Blogspot backlinks at a low cost and with high quality and relevance. Also, follow the tips mentioned here to make your content visible for all the users.