How to Choose a Boat?

This article will help those who are thinking about buying a boat but don’t know where to start. We will help you to pay attention to the most important questions, the answers to which will help you form the “portrait” of your future boat.

Cost of the Boat

This is the first thing you need to look at when choosing a boat. As a rule, people buy the “boat of their dreams” and soon realize that the content of this dream will cost them a tidy sum every year. Remember the simple rule: regardless of how old your boat or ship is, you should understand that every year you will spend on it 5-10% of its original cost. Yes, this means that if you buy a boat for $10,000, you will spend no less than $500 a year on its maintenance, taxes, and more. And your costs can rise to 10% of the value of the boat annually if you plan to transport your boat on a trailer over long distances. If you plan to keep the boat on the water, you add the costs of renting a place, using a slip, as well as washing the boat every 2-3 years for treatment and painting the bottom. This 5 – 10 % does not include the costs of the fuel spent.

Why Do You Need a Boat?

Now that you’ve settled on a budget, you need to understand how you plan to use the boat. Boats are made for various purposes: for fishing (in fresh or salt water), for water sports (wakeboarding, water skiing), cruising (for relaxation on the water on weekends), and there are also luxurious yachts where you can live like at home, you can find out more here

Where Will You Use Your Boat?

You should also find out where you plan to primarily use your boat: on a lake, river, or sea. And you also need to think in advance about how far and how often you plan to go by boat from the base. For most fishermen who fish on a lake/river, the most popular are boats from 4 to 6 meters long, which are usually made of aluminum or fiberglass. These boats are designed so that you can move around the boat without obstacles and safely.

People who choose boats for water sports usually choose a combination of fishing-towing boats, or purely towing, designed exclusively for towing water skiers or wakeboarders. These boats usually have a U or V-shaped hull. Outboard motors of 150-400 hp are usually installed on towing boats, the power of which is enough for towing.

Cruise boats usually range from 6 to 13 meters in length and are designed for relaxation on the water for a certain number of days, for example, on weekends. These boats usually have 1-2 cabins (bedrooms), a bathroom, a galley (kitchen), and other amenities.

Luxury yachts are mainly used at sea. These boats are usually not transported on land (like other smaller boats). These boats are designed for long trips far from the coast. Cruise ships are usually equipped with everything necessary for life on board: desalination of saltwater, generators, GPS navigators, radar equipment, etc. The cost of a luxury yacht usually exceeds $1 million.

Think About Your Passengers

You need to understand in advance how many people you plan to carry on your boat (don’t forget to count yourself). How many of them can operate the boat (this can be very useful, especially on long journeys), and whether they have the appropriate boat driving license or international yacht rights, to be able to manage a sea yacht? After you have counted the optimal number of passengers, you can already choose a boat for yourself, based on its passenger capacity.

Choosing Between a New Boat and an Old One

After you have determined the most suitable boat for you in terms of cost, type, size, etc., you need to decide what kind of boat you want: new or used. Don’t forget about the annual costs for the boat of 5-10% of its value. When buying a used boat, always remember that you will probably have to modify something in it, either independently if you have the desire and time, or by contacting a specialized service.