Insect Control Solutions Are Extremely Reliable In Exterminating Pests

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There are several types of pesticides. These can be both synthetic and botanical. Botanical insecticides are derived from plants and contain naturally occurring insect toxins. These pesticides are fast-acting and biodegradable but still pose some health risks for humans. Some people choose to use essential oils as natural insecticides. These must be used with care, however, as they may irritate sensitive individuals and pets.

Resisting pests

The resistance to insecticides is a symptom of genetic adaption. Pests are more resistant to these substances than non-resisting species. Two-spotted spider mites, for example, are cosmopolitan pests that attack a range of crops. Insecticide resistance is especially severe for the tobacco or cotton whitefly, which transmits virus disease. The resistance to these chemicals is highest when temperatures are high.

Natural insect repellants

There are many effective natural insect repellants for homes. These repellents are made with natural ingredients such as lemon eucalyptus oil. Lemon eucalyptus oil is known to repel mosquitoes and other bugs. These repellents can be applied as a spray or a wipe. While these repellents may not completely prevent pests from invading your home, they are extremely effective in keeping them away.

Integrated pest management

Integrated pest management is the use of multiple types of tactics that are effective in reducing the pest population and damage to a property. These methods reduce pest population growth by denying pests some of their basic needs. For example, mulch around a plant is an effective way to deprive weed seeds of sunlight. Sun-loving plants need full sunlight to thrive, which also discourages fungal organisms from infecting the leaves.


While some people may still favor using chemicals to control pests, traps have a long history of being effective in preventing and eliminating pests. While a simple Internet search reveals that there are probably more types of traps than there are types of pests, the effectiveness of traps in eradicating pests is largely dependent on how effective they are in attracting and catching the pests.

pest control Adelaide is a proven method for preventing, managing, and eradicating many types of pests. It involves a system of practices that include the use of pesticides only as a last resort. The key to effective pest control is understanding the needs of each species. Understanding how these species behave will enable you to make effective use of in your pest management program.