Must-Have Tools for Content Writers

Content writing is becoming a very common and popular profession amongst millennials and Gen Z. It is fun, but also crucial for good SEO. Therefore, it has a huge job market and everyone is up for grabs. Here are the three most important content writing tools that can help you ace the competition.


Grammarly is perhaps the most famous tool used by writers all around the world. It is also called a typing assistant that uses cloud-based technology to edit and review write-ups in real-time. It has the most extensive range of features that correct your writing on the following basis:

  • Clarity
  • Grammar
  • Delivery
  • Engagement

Issues like passive voice, spelling errors, incorrect grammar, wordy sentences, and incorrect usage of tenses are some of the many things it can help you with. Unlike many other writing assistants, Grammarly does not just highlight the issue for you. It also suggests a solution. In case it keeps highlighting a brand name as a spelling error, you can add it to your personal dictionary as well. For a personalized experience, you also have the option to set goals and have Grammarly review the write-up based on those. In the end, there is a total score that helps you understand where your writing stands.

You can use the Grammarly web version or download it as a Word plug-in. There is also a Chrome extension for it that you can use on multiple websites, including Google Docs. There is a free version of Grammarly that gives you access to a limited set of features. The paid version includes multiple plans that you can choose from. Most interestingly, you can enjoy the plagiarism checker with Grammarly premium too!


Many content writers don’t have English as their first language. Plus, content writing doesn’t always have to be in English, and you might as well write articles and blogs for a French or Spanish audience if you know the language. For such multilingual content writers, the LanguageTool is perhaps the best choice. It is an open-source checker used by writers as a browser extension, web service, and desktop app. You can find both, a free and paid version.

This tool is very similar to Grammarly but it may not have checking tools as detailed as Grammarly. You will find really helpful writing style suggestions along with thorough checks for passive voice, wordy sentences and spelling errors. You might feel like this tool is easier to use as compared to Grammarly if you are a pro-level writer. So, for quickly reviewing your write-up, use this tool. It’s not the very best for learning writers, for that we recommend Grammarly.

Answer The Public

One of the biggest challenges content writers face is with finding a suitable topic and then making a title around it. And we all know how important the title, headings, and subheadings are for a good SEO-friendly write-up. So, Answer The Public solves this problem for us.

It is a free tool you can use to find hidden keywords and also generate topics for your articles. All you have to do is add in the keyword you are working with. This does not have to be a keyword only. It can be a product name, a question, a phrase as well. Once you insert that information, the tool goes through searches and data on engines like Bing and Google to find you a big amount of topics, questions, titles, and phrases. These keyword ideas and suggestions are often categorized into:

  • When
  • Which
  • Where
  • Who
  • Why
  • How

Consequently, you can filter through the big pool of suggestions and only focus on the approach you want to take in your article. So, for example, you searched for the word “blog”. There will be several keyword ideas around this word. But you can focus on the “what” ideas if your article is intended to explain something related to blogs. You will focus on the “how” if your article wants to talk about tips and tricks on writing the best type of blog!


Content writers must understand the importance of creating original content only. There is no room for plagiarism or copying something even as little as a sentence from another source on the internet. Google can impose heavy fines, it can become a legal issue, or even cause your website to be seen as a low-quality link.

While research and unique writing style are key to creating unique content, there are still some chances left that your article may have some duplicate content. This usually happens with common phrases, brand names, and listicles.

To make sure you have written 100% original content and there is no possibility of plagiarism, you need a plagiarism checker as reliable as Copyscape. It detects plagiarism when more than 3 consecutive words match a source on the internet. It is fast, affordable, and very detailed. It provides you with the percentages of plagiarism and also takes you directly to the links where the content matched from. The sentences and words matching the source are highlighted, so you don’t get confused and have to go through the whole page.

Don’t Forget…

While you are downloading these tools and finding the best ways to enhance your content writing skills, don’t forget that you need a stable internet connection to help you achieve your goals. Rise Broadband is perhaps the most affordable and suitable choice for those beginning at content writing. Check out Rise Broadband internet plans to get your hands on the fastest internet speeds even in rural areas of America.