Vidloder Video downloader: Frequently asked questions

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There are so many beautiful videos on the internet. The users want to save every favourite video. When the users save videos in the save feature of the applications such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and TikTok, the videos get piled up in the folder and get lost in the vast sea of saved videos. Hence users need a feature to save the videos and access them easily.

Vidloder is a free video downloader available on Google Play store and Apple store.  You can download videos here. This app lets users download their favourite videos directly to their devices. Let us find out more about the Vidloder video downloader in this article.

Frequently asked questions on Vidloader Video downloader

The most asked question on the usage of Vidloder video downloader is the limit of videos that could be downloaded.  It is to be noted that there is no limit on the number of videos that can be downloaded. However, there is no limit to the quality of the pixels of the video. Thus, users can download the highest quality videos from respective applications such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or YouTube. You can download videos here.

Another frequently asked question is the pricing of the Vidloder video downloader and related subscription offers.  It is to be noted that Vidloder video downloader is a free website. It can be used to download videos for free. No subscription is required for Vidloder free video downloader. The application is also free on Google Play store and Apple store. The best part about the Vidloder video downloader is that it can be accessed worldwide.

The Videos can be downloaded without any hassle. Users generally ask if they can download any live-streamed videos in addition to uploaded reels and videos. The answer to that question is negative. Live streamed videos cannot be downloaded by Vidloder video downloader. However, the user can wait for the live streaming to end. Now the URL of this video can be used to download the video.

There have been many concerns about the privacy of the user and the downloaded videos. It is to be noted that Vidloder does not store any video downloaded using their website. User privacy is strictly maintained by Vidloder and is not used or saved by the website. Thus privacy of the user is conserved by the Vidloder video downloader.

Final words

The video downloaded by the Vidloder video downloader is stored directly in the downloads folder of the user’s device. The video quality is best, and user privacy is also conserved. Thus vidloder video downloader is the best for downloading Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok videos. You can download videos here.